Labi Kousoulis and Family

Labi has the financial experience to lead Nova Scotia through crisis

Labi was born and raised here in Nova Scotia. He is the son of Greek immigrants who came to the Province to seek new opportunities and to start a family. He spent much of his youth working in his parent’s restaurant, growing up learning the values of hard work, and the importance in giving back to the community.

Unfortunately, Labi and his sister lost both their parents at a young age. Labi’s parents instilled the importance of education so that he would have opportunities they did not. This inspired him to complete his Bachelor of Commerce from St. Mary’s University and went on to earn his MBA as well.

After graduating, Labi went on to work for Scotiabank in Truro and Amherst helping small businesses succeed. At Scotiabank, Labi completed his Certified Management Accounting (CMA) designation and is now a Certified Professional Accountant CPA-CMA. He subsequently joined Wilson Fuel as a Senior Project Manager. Later on in his career, Labi also worked at Trenton Works as the Controller in Pictou County.

My work at Scotiabank was to help rural businesses succeed. My goal as your Premier is to do the same.

Labi was a successful small business owner and employer before he entered elected politics in 2013. As someone who was never a career politician, Labi watched with growing concern how the Province was being mismanaged, and how a poor economic plan was leaving no room to spend on healthcare, education, and other important social programs. The job stagnation was causing more and more young people to leave Nova Scotia in search of jobs elsewhere, and the situation remained unimproved for over a decade.

Never one to sit back, Labi decided to seek office and was first elected as the MLA for Halifax Citadel-Sable Island in 2013. He was appointed to Cabinet as Minister of the Public Service Commission, Minister of Information Management and Minister of the Voluntary Sector. In these roles, Labi led important changes to government such as consolidating hospital procurement across the Province, which saved the government over $50 million that was redirected to frontline healthcare needs. At the Public Service Commission Labi changed archaic hiring policies which resulted in the hiring of over 2,000 youth. The youth that entered the public service have been part of the new energy that we experience across Government.

Labi was re-elected in 2017 and appointed Minister of Labour and Advanced Education. During this time, Nova Scotia saw unemployment rates reach record lows, and a reversal in the outflow of young people from the Province. Nova Scotia is now an important employment destination for a diversified economy, and these efforts have allowed the government to balance the budget year after year while also making strategic investments in healthcare, education, and other programs.

Nova Scotia unemployment rates reached record lows, and a reversal in the outflow of young people during my time as Minister of Labour and Advanced Education.

COVID-19 is a global economic and health emergency that has impacted Nova Scotians and our economy in an unprecedented way. Labi has the business and financial experience to lead our Province through this crisis and bring us back on track to creating new economic opportunities while investing further in essential social programs and infrastructure.

In his spare time, Labi has coached senior soccer for the last eight years. He has played soccer for most of his life and continues to ski which is one of his favourite activities. Labi is also a three time co-chair of the famous Halifax Greek Fest. He has also given back as a board member of the William Dennis Memorial Golf Tournament a mentor with CMA as well as a volunteer with Junior Achievement.

COVID-19 is a global economic and health emergency that has impacted Nova Scotians and our economy in an unprecedented way.

Labi resides in his riding with his spouse Jill and their two children.

Labi resides in his riding with his spouse Jill, and their two children.
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