Making Housing More Affordable for Nova Scotians

Making Housing More Affordable for Nova Scotians

A new Liberal government will reduce the current waitlist for affordable housing by 30 per cent with a three year investment of $18 million.

“We know the best foundation for economic and social security is affordable, safe housing,” says Liberal Leader Stephen McNeil. “We want to build on the successful partnership we have had with the Trudeau Government.”

That partnership will have reduced the waitlist by 20 per cent through 2017-18. Our new $18 million investment starting in 2018 will help another 1,500 families.

This provincial money shows a re-elected Liberal government is serious about finding more safe, affordable housing for our citizens. We hope it can leverage further funding from the federal government.

“It hasn’t always been easy, but these are the kinds of investments we can make now because we have stronger finances,” says Liberal candidate Joanne Bernard. “These investments will help make our families, communities and our province stronger.”

Bernard said these are the kinds of investments that would be cut by the Baillie Conservatives.

“Jamie Baillie’s platform calls for $500 million in cuts,” says Bernard. “He will cut programs for those who need help the most.”

“Jamie Baillie is refusing to answer questions because he doesn’t want Nova Scotians to know his real plan.”

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